We are manufacturers of affordable, made to order, wooden gear clocks.
I like to refer to them as kinetic sculptures.
We are a recently formed company supplying unusual clocks for the discerning homeowner.

Our clocks utilise a gravity remontoire type drive at the rear of the clock to drive an escapement. The remontoire ("to wind") consists of a small 6 volt electric motor which applies a gravity force to the main wheel of the clock. This periodically rewinds itself when a mercury switch is activated.

The clocks still use the natural period of a pendulum to keep time, without the necessity of continual winding. A wooden gear clock will enhance any home or office and make an ideal retirement or anniversary gift. Engraved plaques can be mounted to the base of the clock for a small additional cost (price on application). All our clocks are supplied with easy to follow instructions regarding adjustment and cleaning.

Our clocks are powered by 4 D cell batteries contained within the base. The frames are CNC cut from real wood veneered medium density fibreboard. This has the benefit of stability in an enviroment with changing temperature and humidity, unlike real wood. The gears themselves are laser cut from dense Baltic birch plywood, again ensuring stability. If required the gears can be laminated with any availabe wood veneer at extra cost.
All the shafts in the are made from brass and run in steel ball bearings for efficiency and long life. The shafts are sheathed in matching wood laminate.